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Many industries generate combustible dust in its manufacturing.  The production of these materials can create hazards, which may require the protection of remediation services.

The following are examples of facilities that manufacture materials that generate combustible and potentially hazardous dust:

Environmental Remediation Commercial Cleaning can develop a cleaning and remediation program that will remove combustible dust from your manufacturing facility and keeps you fully compliant with federal and state regulations.

Our services not only assist manufacturers compliance with federal and state safety standards, they also know the value of your facility and its operating system and equipment.

Our vacuum systems are equipped with antistatic accessories steel containers, bonded parts, and are fully grounded.  

In addition, all of our technicians are trained and OSHA certified with many years experience in cleaning and remediation of combustible dust.  They are committed to maintain compliance with OHSA safety standards, and maintain compliance with federal and state safety codes and jurisdictions.